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Knight of Wands Upright Tarot Card Secret Meanings:

Straight Meaning Publication

Being hasty, daring, active, charming, loving, enjoyable, courageous, sure, self-assured, champion, edgy, daring, vanguard, tolerant, totally free spirit, alluring, enjoying, shameless flirt, hot-tempered, travelling, moving country, swept out of your own feet, doing everything initiate, victory, taking risks

Standard Meaning and Translation (Upright)

Inside the a general context, brand new Knight out of Wands implies that everything is heading better than you expected and you may people possibilities you have taken into are most likely is more successful than just your wished. Just be lively, passion and you will believe and really should feel effect daring and you will daring whenever it looks on your Tarot learning. They instructs you to take action and put your thoughts and you may preparations on the activity. This Slight Arcana credit signifies taking some thing done and you may finishing just what you start. Yet not, which cards informs you never to getting rash, never rush in rather than thinking and simply predict what things to really works aside. It is very a cards regarding totally free-saturated adventure, take a trip and swinging country. Given that men, the new Knight away from Wands is an adult (20-thirty five yrs old and generally male) who’s lovely, adventurous, effective, loving and you may fascinating. (more…)