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And with both men, I’ve loved talking about <a href="">malaysisk kvinner pГҐ jakt etter hvite menn</a> abstract stuff, like our futures and feelings about this and that

My husband recently left our marriage and I’m doing okay but I miss male company. I’m totally not ready to date but a couple of men in my life, one from work and one who was a close friend years ago, suddenly started giving me a lot of attention. I like the attention. It’s been a big help getting me through these early days after being left.

If I make a profile on a dating app and say that I don’t want to meet, will I only get men who want to send me dick pics?

But these two men are not men I want to keep texting and spending time with. They’re both lovely but broken. Work guy has a girlfriend and old friend has a wife and small child. Ugh. (more…)