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Notes regarding the Brandeis Muslim Chaplain in the Ramadan and you will college student accomodations


Ramadan, brand new ninth week of Muslim diary, the most sacred minutes to own Muslims. It’s the few days in which it is believed that the fresh new Holy Qur’an is sent down away from heaven “since a guidance for males and you will women, an announcement out of guidance, and a way of salvation.”

In this week, Muslims observe a tight punctual from dawn up until sundown. They are not permitted to eat or drink (actually water) throughout the hours of sunlight. Accelerated are a private operate out-of praise causing closeness in order to Jesus, plus a form of religious punishment and a way so you’re able to sympathize with those less fortunate. The fresh prompt is broken at the end of the day with prayer and a joyful meal named a keen iftar. It’s custoily and you will family members adopting the iftar.

During the Ramadan, of a lot Muslims look at the mosque and you will invest time hoping. Plus the four each day prayers that are section of this new key away from Islam, Muslims recite a special prayer known as Tarawih prayer (night prayer).

On nights of your own 27th day’s Ramadan, Muslims to see a separate nights titled Layat al-Qadr, sometimes known as the night regarding Electricity. It is believed that Muhammad very first received this new Holy Qur’an with the it nights.

After Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr honors the newest breaking of timely. Family and family members collect to possess joyful meals and you can replace presents. Special gifts also are made available to poor people.

How can Muslims Observe Fasts and you may Prayers for the Ramadan?

Smooth generally entails abstaining off dinner, drink, and you will sexual relationships away from before the very first white of start up to the back ground of the sunlight. Muslims are required to punctual on every of one’s 30 in order to a month from Ramadan. If not able to prompt, foundation or smooth weeks exterior Ramadan can get serve. (more…)