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Maybe he’s a sexist asshole who only cares about his male child, maybe he’s just as lousy with him

And don’t compare his treatment of his son to your daughter. You’re getting second-hand reports from probably biased people. All that matters is that he’s barely interested in your daughter and making your lives miserable.

Your dily already – you. Go find more people who will love her and you, and protect her from those who mean her no good. posted by viggorlijah at PM on [2 favorites]

This will affect her in the long run. My childhood wasn’t horrible – there were no beatings or anything – but my family dynamic was such that growing up I was honestly baffled at friends who cared about their parents, like, truly cared out of more than a mere sense of obligation. My dad was the jerk, but my mom allowed him to act like this – never standing up to him, and yelling at us if we tried to stand up to him.

Your guy sounds like a jerk. Your daughter’s going to growing up hating him for being a jerk, and, once she’s old enough to understand the situation, she’ll probably hate you for continually exposing her to that. (more…)